Whitespace steganography
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Obfuscate & Text as White-Space

Demo: https://ChaosWebs.net/snow10

snow image

Warning: The cryptography library Snow10 uses a poor way of generating keys from a password. I will fix this in the future, but it should be "good enough" if you use a highly random password. In general I recommend using PGP instead for the encryption portion for now.


Snow10 is a web app inspired by the original snow program to use whitespace/zero-width characters to obfuscate messages within the whitespace of other content.


GLPv3, see license file


  • No steganography is perfect, your message may be discovered especially by skilled adversaries.
  • Some text editors (like vim) show zero width characters
  • Some clients/places may strip whitespace characters
  • Use encryption if you really need to protect your messages. Use a good password but keep in mind that no encryption is perfect (Snow2 uses cryptojs AES), see the notice at the top of this readme.
  • It is best to save the site offline to avoid your messages being intercepted by possible malicious code sent from (my) web server
  • The larger your message, the more obvious it is that it is there.
  • While Snow10 technically has no size limit for messages, very large messages may take a long amount of time to create. Your browser may appear to freeze if you do this, but it should finish eventually.

Roadmap (to do)

  • Ability to automatically spread/retrieve message content into paragraphs of "cover" text

  • Optimize the conversion code for longer messages

  • CLI version

  • Android app


Feel free to make a pull request if you feel that you have improved the software.