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A minimalist read-only Imgur proxy insipired by software like Invidious, Nitter, and Bibliogram. This service does not use the official Imgur API because I reject the notion that normal HTTP GET isn't a valid way to access a public website.

This project was started because Kevin Froman got fed up with Imgur breaking with Tor because of cow-dung JS.

Feature roadmap

Features are in order of priority of most to least

  • Image proxying
  • Gallery/album proxying
  • Proper order of gallery posts
  • Image description and author info
  • Tor/SOCKS support for block circumvention
  • GIFs/videos (For now use youtube-dl)
  • Localizable strings and translations
  • Comments... maybe

Using it

Visit an existing instance like

Or, run it with python by installing the requirements.txt and ./ Or use the Dockerfile. Contact me if you want help or find a bug.

Patches, suggestions, complaints, or bugs: email to imgin -@-

Monero: 88ZoeZVWjG2FKaZjuoGGt1hkhLDyYehE1JZXk68B2SqXUcZpeJ8NdDNKC8J7LnWEfSG3W8Qae8nBhT9sc5E91WWsBdbHPTL