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Niceware for .NET

A .NET port of Niceware for generating random-yet-memorable passwords. Each word provides 16 bits of entropy, so a useful password requires at least 3 words.

Because the wordlist is of exactly size 2^16, Niceware is also useful for converting cryptographic keys and other sequences of random bytes into human-readable phrases. With Niceware, a 128-bit key is equivalent to an 8-word phrase.

  • Free software: MIT license
  • Supports .NET Standard (core), .NET 4.6

This C# port is a fork of trpalmer's dotnet-niceware


To Install:

Install via Nuget package manager:

PM> Install-Package NicewareSecure

To generate an 8-byte passphrase:

using niceware;

var passphrase = Niceware.GeneratePassphrase(8);

// result: ["unpeopling", "whipsawing", "sought", "rune"]


Niceware for .NET is a port of Niceware by yan

This C# port is a fork of trpalmer's dotnet-niceware