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Onionr Roadmap

Taraxacum Release (9.0)

  • [ X ] Implement new block format with verifiable delay function

  • [ X ] Implement overhauled gossip system with dandelion++

    The new system is separated from the underlying networks used and makes it much easier to implement new transport methods. Dandelion++ is also better than the old block mixing we did.


  • [ ] Spruce up documentation
  • [ ] Restore LAN transport
  • [ ] Restore webUI as a plugin
  • [ ] Restore static site/file sharing plugin
  • [ ] Restore/reimplement mail plugin
  • [ ] Restore/reimplement friends plugin
  • [ ] Refresh test suite
  • [ ] Revamped key/encrypted messaging (encrypted blocks)

Web of trust release (~10.0)

To facilitate the below market plugin/application, Onionr will need a web of trust system.

  • Web of trust plugin or module

Market Plugin Release (~10.1)

The Onionr team believes the Monero community is currently lacking a good p2p market, and as such we hope to build a solution using Onionr as a transport. This may be a separate project and as opposed to a plugin.

  • A new marketplace plugin will be developed with the following tenative features:

  • Account management

  • Monero management

  • Store front discovery and search

  • Product listing search

  • User reviews