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Contributing to Onionr

One of the great things about open source projects is that they allow for anyone to contribute to the project.

This file serves to provide guidelines on how to successfully contribute to Onionr.

Code of Conduct

Contributors in project-related spaces/contexts are expected to follow the Code of Conduct

Reporting Bugs

Bugs can be reported using GitLab issues. Please try to see if an issue is already opened for a particular thing.

See the issue template for what to include when reporting a bug.

If a bug is a security issue, please contact us privately.

Please be patient. Onionr is a free open source project maintained by volunteers in their free time.

Asking Questions

If you need help with Onionr, you can contact the devs (be polite and remember this is a volunteer-driven project).

Do your best to use good english.

Contributing Code

For any non-trivial changes, please get in touch with us first to discuss your plans.

Please try to use a similar coding style as the project. We like PEP-8 despite being lazy with it in the past.

Thanks for contributing to Onionr!