Private Decentralized Communication Network
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5 years ago
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Anonymous P2P storage network 🕵
(***pre-alpha & experimental, not well tested or easy to use yet***)
4 years ago
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**The main repository for this software is at**
# Summary
Onionr is a decentralized, peer-to-peer data storage network, designed to be anonymous and resistant to (meta)data analysis and spam/disruption.
Onionr stores data in independent packages referred to as 'blocks'. The blocks are synced to all other nodes in the network. Blocks and user IDs cannot be easily proven to have been created by particular nodes (only inferred). Even if there is enough evidence to believe a particular node created a block, nodes still operate behind Tor or I2P and as such are not trivially known to be at a particular IP address.
Users are identified by ed25519 public keys, which can be used to sign blocks or send encrypted data.
Onionr can be used for mail, as a social network, instant messenger, file sharing software, or for encrypted group discussion.
5 years ago
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4 years ago
## Main Features
5 years ago
* [X] Fully p2p/decentralized, no trackers or other single points of failure
* [X] End to end encryption of user data
5 years ago
* [X] Optional non-encrypted blocks, useful for blog posts or public file sharing
* [X] Easy API system for integration to websites
* [X] Metadata analysis resistance
* [X] Transport agnosticism (no internet required)
**Onionr API and functionality is subject to non-backwards compatible change during pre-alpha development**
5 years ago
# Install and Run on Linux
The following applies to Ubuntu Bionic. Other distros may have different package or command names.
* Have python3.5+, python3-pip, Tor (daemon, not browser) installed (python3-dev recommended)
* Clone the git repo: `$ git clone`
* cd into install direction: `$ cd onionr/`
* Install the Python dependencies ([virtualenv strongly recommended]( `$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt`
## Help out
Everyone is welcome to help out. Help is wanted for the following:
* Development (Get in touch first)
* Creation of a lib for use from other languages and faster proof-of-work
* Android and IOS development
* Windows and Mac support
* General bug fixes and development of new features
* Testing
* Running stable nodes
* Security review/audit
* Automatic I2P setup
4 years ago
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USD: [Ko-Fi](
4 years ago
## Disclaimer
The Tor Project, I2P developers, and anyone else do not own, create, or endorse this project, and are not otherwise involved.
4 years ago
The 'open source badge' is by Maik Ellerbrock and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.