Private Decentralized Communication Network
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5 years ago
![Onionr logo](./docs/onionr-logo.png)
(***experimental, not well tested or easy to use yet***)
4 years ago
[![Open Source Love](](
5 years ago
Anonymous P2P platform, using Tor & I2P.
4 years ago
**The main repo for this software is at**
# Summary
Onionr is a decentralized, peer-to-peer data storage network, designed to be anonymous and resistant to (meta)data analysis and spam.
Onionr can be used for mail, as a social network, instant messenger, file sharing software, or for encrypted group discussion.
# Roadmap/features
5 years ago
4 years ago
Check the [Gitlab Project]( to see progress towards the alpha release.
4 years ago
## Core internal features
5 years ago
* [X] Fully p2p/decentralized, no trackers or other single points of failure
* [X] End to end encryption of user data
5 years ago
* [X] Optional non-encrypted blocks, useful for blog posts or public file sharing
* [X] Easy API system for integration to websites
* [X] Metadata analysis resistance
5 years ago
## Other features
**Onionr API and functionality is subject to non-backwards compatible change during pre-alpha development**
## Help out
Everyone is welcome to help out. Please get in touch first if you are making non-trivial changes. If you can't help with programming, you can write documentation or guides.
4 years ago
Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash: 1onion55FXzm6h8KQw3zFw2igpHcV7LPq
## Disclaimer
The Tor Project, I2P developers, and anyone else do not own, create, or endorse this project, and are not otherwise involved.
4 years ago
The badges (besides travis-ci build) are by Maik Ellerbrock is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.