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# This file is a template, and might need editing before it works on your project.
# The following script will work for any project that can be built from command line by msbuild
# It uses powershell shell executor, so you need to add the following line to your config.toml file
# (located in gitlab-runner.exe directory):
# shell = "powershell"
# The script is composed of 3 stages: build, test and deploy.
# The build stage restores NuGet packages and uses msbuild to build the exe and msi
# One major issue you'll find is that you can't build msi projects from command line
# if you use vdproj. There are workarounds building msi via devenv, but they rarely work
# The best solution is migrating your vdproj projects to WiX, as it can be build directly
# by msbuild.
# The test stage runs nunit from command line against Test project inside your solution
# It also saves the resulting TestResult.xml file
# The deploy stage copies the exe and msi from build stage to a network drive
# You need to have the network drive mapped as Local System user for gitlab-runner service to see it
# The best way to persist the mapping is via a scheduled task (see:,
# running the following batch command: net use P: \\x.x.x.x\Projects /u:your_user your_pass /persistent:yes
# place project specific paths in variables to make the rest of the script more generic
EXE_RELEASE_FOLDER: 'YourApp\bin\Release'
MSI_RELEASE_FOLDER: 'Setup\bin\Release'
TEST_FOLDER: 'Tests\bin\Release'
DEPLOY_FOLDER: 'P:\Projects\YourApp\Builds'
NUGET_PATH: 'C:\NuGet\nuget.exe'
MSBUILD_PATH: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\14.0\Bin\msbuild.exe'
NUNIT_PATH: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\\nunit-console\nunit3-console.exe'
- build
- test
- deploy
stage: build
- tags # the build process will only be started by git tag commits
- '& "$env:NUGET_PATH" restore' # restore Nuget dependencies
- '& "$env:MSBUILD_PATH" /p:Configuration=Release' # build the project
expire_in: 1 week # save gitlab server space, we copy the files we need to deploy folder later on
- '$env:EXE_RELEASE_FOLDER\YourApp.exe' # saving exe to copy to deploy folder
- '$env:MSI_RELEASE_FOLDER\YourApp Setup.msi' # saving msi to copy to deploy folder
- '$env:TEST_FOLDER\' # saving entire Test project so NUnit can run tests
stage: test
- tags
- '& "$env:NUNIT_PATH" ".\$env:TEST_FOLDER\Tests.dll"' # running NUnit tests
when: always # save test results even when the task fails
expire_in: 1 week # save gitlab server space, we copy the files we need to deploy folder later on
- '.\TestResult.xml' # saving NUnit results to copy to deploy folder
- build_job
stage: deploy
- tags
# Compose a folder for each release based on commit tag.
# Assuming your tag is Rev1.0.0.1, and your last commit message is 'First commit'
# the artifact files will be copied to:
# P:\Projects\YourApp\Builds\Rev1.0.0.1 - First commit\
- '$commitSubject = git log -1 --pretty=%s'
- '$deployFolder = $($env:DEPLOY_FOLDER) + "\" + $($env:CI_BUILD_TAG) + " - " + $commitSubject + "\"'
# xcopy takes care of recursively creating required folders
- 'xcopy /y ".\$env:EXE_RELEASE_FOLDER\YourApp.exe" "$deployFolder"'
- 'xcopy /y ".\$env:MSI_RELEASE_FOLDER\YourApp Setup.msi" "$deployFolder"'
- 'xcopy /y ".\TestResult.xml" "$deployFolder"'
- build_job
- test_job