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monero: 8C58RTj15HbWRhjqhdk9mmg5ro1GoTXH3Z5cR7nPATM3QvudQ25yoXA7rqPGsuuxK6YWV2zrvhcXjPhip2nEtUhmDh9goqT
bitcoin: bc1qwzdqywdezr5afyrtqenj7yz3fpz2qzpx7lca8j
ethereum: 0x3FE87870e80a56c02D98a4E3CE946318b917d719
bcash: qzxxuatxvfz5wjdyckrlc9hclvfvmfrc6qr9nzzaue

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This software is released under the AGPL 3.0 license. In short, this means that if you make any modifications to the code and then publish the result (e.g. by hosting the result on a webserver), you must publicly distribute your changes and declare that they also use AGPL 3.0.
You are also requested to not remove attribution and donation information from forks and publications.
## Support
Donations are welcome and will contribute to development, maintenance and a future public hosted instance.
* XMR: `8C58RTj15HbWRhjqhdk9mmg5ro1GoTXH3Z5cR7nPATM3QvudQ25yoXA7rqPGsuuxK6YWV2zrvhcXjPhip2nEtUhmDh9goqT`
* BTC: `bc1qwzdqywdezr5afyrtqenj7yz3fpz2qzpx7lca8j`
* ETH: `0x3FE87870e80a56c02D98a4E3CE946318b917d719`
* BCH: `qzxxuatxvfz5wjdyckrlc9hclvfvmfrc6qr9nzzaue`

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a(href='' target='blank') [$$$] 
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