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Simple Verifiable Delay Function using MiMC


This module was created for use in reducing spam in a similar manner to HashCash. However, some potential uses for VDFs include blockchains and verifiable lotteries.


from mimcvdf import vdf_create, vdf_verify

# Get a mimc hash of a byte sequence

vdf_create(byte_data, round_count) # Returns hex string

# Verify a mimc hash (must use same round count)

vdf_verify(same_bytes_data, vdf_create_result, rounds)

For high speed, you need GMP installed. Otherwise, the module will fall back to a Python implementation that is significantly slower.


This code has not been audited for security. It is not currently recommended for protecting against anything but denial of service, even though MiMC is able to do much more. If used, make sure it is not protecting anything critical.

In addition, since this is a Python implementation, attackers can be faster than typical users of an application by using faster language implementations or even FPGAs.