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0: type: str: 4bytesmax
1: enc-mode: int: 0, 1, 2 (0=plaintext, 1=asymmetic, 2=symmetric).
2. Timestamp: int
encrypted with specified mode:
3. signer: bytes (max 256bits)
4. signature: bytes (max 256bits)
5. app_metadata: JSON
data: bytes
from msgpack import packb
from .. import exceptions
def pack(data: bytes, data_type: 'KastenDataType',
enc_mode: 'KastenEncryptionModeID',
signer: bytes = None, signature: bytes = None,
app_metadata: 'KastenSerializeableDict' = None) -> 'PreparedKasten':
# Ensure data type does not exceed 4 characters
if not data_type or len(data_type) > 4:
raise exceptions.InvalidKastenTypeLength
# Ensure encryption mode is valid (asymmetric, symmetric, plaintext)
enc_mode = int(enc_mode)
if enc_mode not in range(3):
data = data.encode('utf8')
except AttributeError:
kasten_header = [data_type, enc_mode]
if signer:
if signature is None:
raise ValueError("Signer specified without signature")
kasten_header.extend((signer, signature))
if app_metadata is not None:
kasten_header = packb(kasten_header) + packb(b'\n')
return kasten_header + data