A minimalist read-only Imgur proxy insipired by software like Invidious, Nitter, and Bibliogram. This service does not use the official Imgur API because I reject the notion that a standard HTTP GET isn't a valid way to access a public website.

This project was started because Kevin Froman got fed up with Imgur breaking with Tor because of JS bloat (especially on Tor Browser).


Feature roadmap

Features are in order of priority of most to least

Using it

Visit an existing instance like

Or, run it with python by installing the requirements.txt and ./ Or use the Dockerfile. Contact me if you want help or find a bug.

Patches, suggestions, complaints, or bugs: email to imgin -@- Monero: 88ZoeZVWjG2FKaZjuoGGt1hkhLDyYehE1JZXk68B2SqXUcZpeJ8NdDNKC8J7LnWEfSG3W8Qae8nBhT9sc5E91WWsBdbHPTL