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* **This addon may not defeat all types of keyboard biometric surveillance**, however it was tested against the Keytrac and TypingDNA demos and it worked well.
* **It is recommended to turn on privacy.resistFingerprinting to avoid leaking your keyboard layout; however this addon protects against that as well if you strictly use the toolbar box**
* **This addon does not yet deal with stylometry**
* Some websites override all key events in which case it is not (yet) possible to protect against keyboarding analysis there
* Some websites override all key events in which case only the toolbar button can protect you (but it likely doesn't function if this is the case)
* Typing directly on pages will have CPU spikes due to a browser limitation
* Do not confuse this with spying keyboard apps on mobile devices, this cannot address that.
* Of course, this cannot protect against malware on your device outside the webpage.
* Not tested on Firefox Android