Private Decentralized Communication Network
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import json
from onionrblocks import onionrblockapi
from onionrutils import bytesconverter, stringvalidators
import onionrexceptions
class GetBlockData:
def __init__(self, client_api_inst=None):
def get_block_data(self, bHash, decrypt=False, raw=False, headerOnly=False):
if not stringvalidators.validate_hash(bHash): raise onionrexceptions.InvalidHexHash("block hash not valid hash format")
bl = onionrblockapi.Block(bHash)
if decrypt:
if bl.isEncrypted and not bl.decrypted:
raise ValueError
if not raw:
if not headerOnly:
retData = {'meta':bl.bheader, 'metadata': bl.bmetadata, 'content': bl.bcontent}
for x in list(retData.keys()):
retData[x] = retData[x].decode()
except AttributeError:
validSig = False
signer = bytesconverter.bytes_to_str(bl.signer)
if bl.isSigned() and stringvalidators.validate_pub_key(signer) and bl.isSigner(signer):
validSig = True
bl.bheader['validSig'] = validSig
bl.bheader['meta'] = ''
retData = {'meta': bl.bheader, 'metadata': bl.bmetadata}
return json.dumps(retData)
return bl.raw