Private Decentralized Communication Network
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Kevin F a61cd273a8 Implemented basic server diffusal test 6 months ago
.. added cleanup test and test-re-runner automation script 3 years ago work on tor blocking detection 2 years ago add readline to client api request crafter 2 years ago * revert pow to 5 2 years ago dont upload blocks that arent valid (anymore?), progress removing communicator timers 2 years ago remove hs after creation in generate onions 2 years ago Added passphrase generator script 3 years ago Added default config formatter script 3 years ago added remote ui plugin 2 years ago added cleanup test and test-re-runner automation script 3 years ago show more info in script 2 years ago implemented the sybil attack script 2 years ago c# pow implementation work 2 years ago
torrc added sybil attack script 2 years ago Show a terminal message if bridge is enabled but one is not set. By design, there is no easy way for us to get Tor bridges automatically 2 years ago

This directory contains useful scripts and utilities that don't make sense to include as official Onionr features. very simple utility to generate and print a strong passphrase to stdout. 256 bits of entropy by default. enable/disable dev default config setup attack tool for spamming blocks flood a node with false nodes run-unit-test-by-name: runs a unit test (no browser, runtime or intgegration test) by name