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Kevin F e84ad93de7 work on wot cli 7 months ago
Kevin F cdccde2d9d Don't write python bytecode 12 months ago
Kevin Froman 1eb6140811 Added custom port and bind address args 3 years ago
Duncan X Simpson 67f5c30d85 Docker improvements
- Modify to parse env and supply args to
- Run onionr by default rather than bash
- Run as unprivileged user by default instead of root
- Use /app for all code
- Specify python 3.7 (3.8 fails to build cffi)
- Use apt-get rather than apt (apt's CLI is not stable)
- Slight reformatting and consolidation
3 years ago
Kevin Froman 720efe4fca renamed onionr dir and bugfixes/linting progress 4 years ago
Kevin Froman ff9bdc690e work on new site system, only change directory when doing start command 4 years ago
Kevin Froman 48e956c27c moved to niceware from mnemonic 4 years ago
Kevin Froman a7a5f88142 added restart command 4 years ago
Kevin Froman f99ff27006 onionr can now run from relative dirs and lots of bug fixes 4 years ago
Kevin Froman e037633735 progress removing 4 years ago
Kevin 0f3e2fa73a Merge POM 4 years ago