31 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Froman 48e956c27c moved to niceware from mnemonic 1 year ago
  Kevin Froman 1f757679d9 added soft-reset command, fixed broken nonce cache, work on chat 1 year ago
  Kevin Froman 03649756f5
added reset plugins command 1 year ago
  Kevin Froman 71805811cf corrected permissions again 1 year ago
  Kevin Froman 901b275d40 fixed everything being executable permission 1 year ago
  Aaron df8a3d39bc Add installation scripts 1 year ago
  Arinerron 83fb7754ad
Add basic PKGBUILD 1 year ago
  Kevin Froman 930d825ebc fix makefile and broken sentbox 2 years ago
  Kevin Froman c45c016123 moving mail over to blueprint system 2 years ago
  Kevin Froman c89bf5b430 work on plugins doing http endpoints 2 years ago
  Kevin Froman 3357f93fc1 work on tests and various fixes 2 years ago
  Kevin Froman 6687b2a843 changed permisisons 2 years ago
  Kevin 0f3e2fa73a Merge POM 2 years ago
  Kevin Froman 22cece2b2c work on serialization and communication, misc work on web, run files 2 years ago
  Kevin ca70b275f6 Merge wot 2 years ago
  Arinerron 3711b02924 oh makefile... 2 years ago
  Arinerron d7392213cb Slight changes, I forgot 2 years ago
  Kevin Froman 40ea61707f
do not try to download already saved blocks from upload 2 years ago
  Arinerron 88df88204c Add files 2 years ago
  Benjamin Levy e59d4645e1 Fix onionr start script 2 years ago
  Benjamin Levy eb8c309626 Update the Makefile to comply with the DESTDIR/PREFIX convention 2 years ago
  Kevin Froman 45234588e2
* fixed broken insertblock with bytes 2 years ago
  Arinerron bc60b6bfc0
Fix unit tests 2 years ago
  Arinerron adf007bf30
Make progress bar 2 years ago
  Kevin Froman bc88e8107c
work on pow for public keys 2 years ago
  20esaua 2126138428 Add in PluginAPI (#7) 2 years ago
  Arinerron af2192856a
Change how resetting works 2 years ago
  Kevin Froman 8022781a8f
lot of work on OnionrCrypto 2 years ago
  Arinerron ee59b12238
Add more unit tests 3 years ago
  Kevin Froman 155791be03
test tor version, use address db for connections, create address db if it doesnt exist, more 3 years ago
  Arinerron 60c0f952eb
Move reset.sh to Makefile 3 years ago
  Arinerron 1cfb7796c5
Add Makefile for testing, installing, and uninstalling 3 years ago