1926 Commits (master)

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  Kevin Froman 3199f93d4b work on making mail more efficient, added --private-ke argument imp to run script 10 hours ago
  Kevin Froman 646a7c0b80 Removed difficulty adjuster from pow 15 hours ago
  Kevin Froman 5b3d76067a Move users to use phrase system for sites as well 4 days ago
  Kevin Froman c0ebfec034 Default disabled upload mixing with new config value 4 days ago
  Kevin Froman c19797bb2e Added remove log on exit argument to run script 4 days ago
  Kevin Froman 1f067f614a Added tor restart button to index and tor restart command. Enabled tor restart daemon event 4 days ago
  Kevin Froman b4d80da3ff Work on fixing node uptime 4 days ago
  Kevin Froman 4bc2bf5db5 removed deterministic keys due to poor hashing 5 days ago
  Kevin Froman c7e0b6c1b2 Removed batch files, added WIP run wrapper script 6 days ago
  Kevin Froman 247b1f616d added missing last release to changelog 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman b4ddf343fc Removed unreachable return in onionrproofs 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman 196d02a751 Sped up + fixed statistics table command using psutil, removed checkcommunicator as a result 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman a5b6805b5f Update readme to have version tag 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman e11c3d2733 Merge branch 'master' into remote-access 1 week ago
  Kevin F 97708e5875
Merge pull request #91 from beardog108/dependabot/pip/pip-tools-5.3.1 1 week ago
  Kevin F 41e57cb5b9
Merge pull request #96 from beardog108/dependabot/pip/ujson-3.2.0 1 week ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] 79a5e6ca3e
Bump ujson from 3.0.0 to 3.2.0 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman 2ce5f48c90 Added ui.public_remote_enabled and ui.public_remote_hosts 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman 17ef138c21 bump version 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman cb88ff8c3f update runtime test 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman d40bd85368 added test for api version 1 week ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] d7e7d4499b
Bump pip-tools from 5.2.1 to 5.3.1 1 week ago
  Kevin F 104f71c0c3
Merge pull request #95 from beardog108/dependabot/pip/pdoc3-0.9.1 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman 16cdd6d877 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.voidnet.tech:/kev/Onionr 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman b7091d2062 fix showlogo crash when not connected to terminal, bump version 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman f8fcd6d4e5 Formatting changes 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman 15a66c7fb4 fix showlogo crash when not connected to terminal 1 week ago
  Kevin Froman 37e5dbab4b Moved plugin web files to be in the plugin folder to reduce staticfiles blueprint coupling 2 weeks ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] 3df1859df5
Bump pdoc3 from 0.8.3 to 0.9.1 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 14f2d03ebf Formatting improvements in httpapis 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 3422ca43ff Fixing block syncing quirks 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman a83351a73c misc formatting improvements 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 39650a4ca0 catch and log when cannot reach non-managed tor 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 8d54519771 implemented the sybil attack script 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 9f1f1435ce Fix block downloading for shared state 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 78e533952c added sybil attack script 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman e19e23022b show message if user tries to open .onion as onionr site 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 68aac2153b add some more useful logging for failed signed blocks in validatemetadata 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 15379a7c2f add readline to client api request crafter 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 61bc5fd34b use better language for LE on onboarding page 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman b66e1d852e clear stats interval on shutdown button, remove deprecated sync httpget 3 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 02fde0ad70 fix subprocesspow keyboard interrupt not being catched 4 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 308fca7c22 added creating blocks count to sidebar 4 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 72653c1e93 check for light theme before enabling particles 4 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman cd0b69b03f Use init-time creation only of StorageCounter to use less inotify instances 4 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman bbc9646a25 fix LANServer dns rebinding crashing because of old kwarg format 4 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman fd73f63ecd fix public block list not working because of old kwarg format 4 weeks ago
  Kevin Froman 2cf7a8c8b3 Fix unclickable labels in onboarding 1 month ago
  Kevin Froman 6089cc3c98 fix formatting in onionrservices 1 month ago
  Kevin Froman 05127dd3b7 remove warden since it won't be implemented 1 month ago