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# Running Onionr tests
Onionr has four types of tests:
* unittests
* integration tests
* selenium tests (web tests)
* runtime-tests
## unittests
Onionr uses Python's built in unittest module. These tests are located in tests/ (top level)
Run all tests with `$ make test`, which will also run integration tests.
Please note that one unittest tests if runtime-tests have passed recently. This is simply a forceful reminder to run those tests as well.
You can also run a single unittest in a loop by using the script scripts/
## integration tests
These tests are pretty basic and test on stdout of Onionr commands.
They are also run from `$ make test`
The runtime-tests do most of the actual integration testing.
## selenium tests
These are browser automation tests to test if the UI is working as how it should for a user.
There's only a couple and they're incomplete, so they can be ignored for now (test manually)
## runtime-tests
These are important. They look into the Onionr client Flask app when Onionr daemon is running and test a bunch of things.
If you do it a lot you should make your own Onionr network (disable official bootstrap)
You run this while the daemon is running (probably should make sure onboarding is done), with `$ runtime-test`
It's necessary to do this before running `$ make test` for unittesting